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Main Function: Network Monitoring
Price: $34.95
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OS: All Windows


e-Surveiller a POWERFUL Internet Monitoring & Surveillance Software Available Anywhere.  Monitor your entire organization! Monitor your home network. Monitor computers Globally! Works across the Internet! Watch their screens LIVE! Auto sends reports via email, ftp, etc. Find out what your family, employees, spouse... anyone... is doing from anywhere! All with e-Surveiller. e-Surveiller enables you to watch remote computer screens thousands of miles away. It also records all keystrokes, websites visited, etc. e-Surveiller is ideal for parents concerned about what their children do on the computer and for employers concerned about loss of productivity due to unauthorized use of the Internet on company time.


 Surveillance Monitoring 
  • Remote Surveillance: Monitor computers on a LAN, across the Internet or on a single/offline PC.
  • User-Activity Monitoring: Monitors and logs all keystrokes along with the window in which they were typed, logs window titles of applications opened, file and folder changes, chat conversations, system activities such as shutdown, startup, logon, etc. with time and date stamps.
  • Screen Viewing: With e-Surveiller, you can watch the monitored user's desktop LIVE as he/she is using the monitored computer.
  • Log Transfer: Monitors can post logs to you via email or FTP.
  • Scalable Operation: Monitoring programs are generated and can have unique instructions for different computers.
    e-Surveiller can effectively monitor a single computer to several computers from several locations -- even across the Internet!
  • Very Inconspicuous: Monitors will not slow down the monitored computer even when engaged in a screen viewing session.
    Quiet installation option available for silent monitor installations.
    Automatically starts when computer starts up.
    Super stealth-monitoring operation.
  • Easy Installation unto target computer

Comprehensive Log Viewing

  • Log Viewer: Catalogs and displays user-activity logs by the users/computers that generated them.
  • Time/Date Stamp: Time in logs is displayed in GMT or in your local time settings
  • URL Recognition: The log viewer highlights internet addresses in the displayed logs. clicking the address visits the address.
  • Verbose/Analyzed Views: logs can be displayed exactly in the way they were logged or in an analyzed form which considers text formatting and displays logs in a more readable form.
  • Filter logs by date range


  • 3rd-Party Network Connection: Monitors do not need to email their IP addresses nor know your IP address, they find your computer through 3rd party IRC and Gnutella networks and automatically connect to your computer, making it perfect for mobile use.
  • Log Delivery: Have all recorded activity emailed, FTPed or transferred to you at preset time intervals.
  • Hot Phrase: Set a word which when typed on the monitored computer will prompt you for a folder to save user-activity logs.
  • Monitoring Programs fits into a diskette.


  • Super-Stealth Operation: Monitors are virtually undetectable to the monitored user.
  • Password Protection: Unauthorized users can not use the e-Surveiller station and log viewer.
  • Per-User encryption: e-Surveiller logs and screen viewing sessions are encrypted with a unique key for each registered user so that even if logs or screen viewing sessions get into the wrong hands, they can not be viewed.

Easy to use!

  • Intuitive Interface: Easy to use, graphical user interface, with intuitive labeled buttons and icons!
  • Easy Monitor Generation wizard: Generate a monitor easily with the Generate new monitor wizard.
  • Comprehensive Help: Built in help file will guide you through any aspect of e-Surveiller.


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