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Main Function: Network Monitoring
Price: $299.00
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OS: All Windows


Employee Monitoring is a revolutionary corporate productivity analysis tool. Employee Monitoring monitors and records all activity on a customer's network, including all Web surfing, email, and instant messaging, in order to provide management with detailed information regarding employee performance. Employee Monitoring allows management to simply and quickly assess employees' time and company resource usage in order to determine individual efficiency levels and increase overall productivity. Employee Monitoring helps to mitigate costly liability and litigation risks, target destructive Web behaviors, deter intellectual property and internal data theft, and identify wasted resources. In effect, Employee Monitoring is non-invasive Internet monitoring to achieve greater corporate security, efficiency, and profitability.


 First of its kind because once it is deployed over your network on just one work station you can view logs for the entire network. No need to install on every computer.

Few sound solutions are currently available for businesses and organizations such as libraries and school to mitigate costly liabilities, target destructive behaviors, deter intellectual property and prevent internal data theft, and identify wasted resources.

  • Recording Web based email including AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! and others;
  • Recording all file attachments and downloads;
  • Recording all emails including pop3 (usernames and passwords)
  • Recording chat and IM with complete logs (usernames and passwords)
  • Detecting watchwords and notifications
  • Stealth mode and password protection features
  • The possibilities are endless...

Employee Monitoring allows employers and managers to determine at a glance if employees are wasting company time and bandwidth by surfing the Internet for personal interests, viewing inappropriate downloads or Web sites, or illicitly transmitting proprietary secrets. Employee Monitoring is so easy to understand, operate, and deploy that companies do not need in-house IT personnel for its installation, operation, or maintenance.

While many Internet monitoring and filtering products watch just Web surfing (only one port out of 65,000), Employee Monitoring records incoming and outgoing emails, instant messages, Web searches, downloads, and Web surfing through any IP port. Employee Monitoring combines the simplicity of brute packet sniffing with the ability of robust, enterprise grade Employee Internet Monitoring suites, to create a very cost-effective and capable solution.

Employee Monitoring's unique advantage lies in its ability to provide comprehensive Internet monitoring simply and quickly. Employee Monitoring tracks the use of the most highly used Web applications, like Real Player, QuickTime, Morpheus, KaZaa, the four primary instant messaging programs, email, and much more. Few programs are capable of tracking all such activities.

The SEC recently began requiring financial firms to keep track of all correspondences regarding their clients of certain categories. For many financial firms that includes correspondences in the form of instant messaging. To fill this need approximately three main companies that provide instant message monitoring and logging have developed. Their systems start at $10,000 to $15,000 and go higher based on the number of users, and also require annual subscription fees of up to 30%. Their systems are not only costly but also rather complex to install and operate. Employee Monitoring similarly monitors and records all instant messages, including usernames and passwords, and the conversations from both participants. Employee Monitoring performs equally well for email as well. Employee Monitoring targets time usage inefficiencies, spots activities which are against policy prior to their becoming crises, and tracks spyware and hack attempts on the network, all at much more reasonable costs than other solutions.

Internet security company CSI statistics state that 70 to 80% of all security breaches occur from within the organization. Content monitoring can monitor for and stop the accidental or intentional disclosure of a company's Intellectual Property, confidential information or other non-public content that can be accessed or disclosed electronically.

NOTE: The software can be used on any standard type of network (most are either hub or switch based). If you operate on a switched network, you will need to add a simple hub in front of your network switch in order to see all users on your network. If you are operating on a hub based network, no additional hardware is necessary. For your convenience we've provided a few links to buy the exact hub that you need. You can also go to any computer store and buy one for around $40.


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