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KeySpy Pro 

Main Function: Key Logger
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OS: All Windows

Key Spy Pro Keystroke Logger Software


KeySpy Pro is an advanced PC keylogger application. It is a very simple program that is downloaded and then installed onto your PC. After installation the program is hidden to other users of the PC. You view results by email or hidden hot keys that you specify. Key Spy Pro is used by a wide variety of PC users. Key Spy Pro is perfect for monitoring spouses suspected of cheating and employees suspected of using their work PC for non-work purposes. KeySpy Pro is also ideal for monitoring children.


Advanced Key logging System - Key Spy Pro records all keystrokes typed on your Windows PC. This allows you to monitor your PC by being able to see every single key that is typed on your keyboard by viewing a log file. The system even includes all ALT, SHIFT, CTRL and other non-alphabetical and non-numeric keys.
Hidden to Other Users - Key Spy Pro operates in hidden stealth mode for total privacy. There are no icons displayed and no start menu entries displayed. The only way into the program is to hit the correct hot key combination on the keyboard and then type the correct password which you have created
Email Delivery - Key Spy Pro delivers keystroke reports of recorded activity secretly at set intervals via email. During setup you enter your email server information. When the option is turned on your reports will be secretly sent to your email address as often as you specify in the settings window.
Keyword Email Alerts = Key Spy Pro can have an email sent when keywords you specify are typed. Let's say you want to see if someone's name was being typed or you want to make sure that obscene language isn't being used on your PC. Enter these words into the "Watch List" and Key Spy Pro will send you an email telling you exactly when it happened and what word was encountered.
Various Hot Key Combos - Key Spy Pro allows you to create your own hot key combinations for even more stealth. This allows you absolute maximum safety against others gaining access to the Key Spy Pro program. Other programs that use the same hot key combination for all purchasers puts your privacy at risk. Key Spy Pro allows you to create your own key sequence to access the program.
Powerful Key Filtering  - Key Spy Pro can hide CTRL, SHIFT, ALT and other non-essential keys for easy results viewing. With many key loggers this is not an option, causing you to read confusing reports instead of flowing text. Key Spy Pro allows you to read flowing text just as it was typed.


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