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Main Function: Key Logger
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OS: NT/2000/XP
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SKIn2000 is a keylogger which allows to intercept all keystrokes, mouse clicks, captions of active windows, static text and other. It has a unique set of features that makes SKIn2000 a powerful keylogger, suitable for perfect monitoring of user's computer activity. Invisible in Task Manager (both Applications and Processes lists), Taskbar, System Tray area, Services applet and Devices applet in Control Panel. It runs silently, without any messages or notifications and doesn't affect the computer performance. Saves the time of the user logon and the current user's name


  • Standard Keyboard
    Interception of the standard keyboard means that the entire alphabet (A-Z, a-z and national chars), ciphers (0-9), punctuation marks (,.;:'!?"()-), special marks (`~@#$%^&*_=+\|[{]}/<>), , , , , , , , , , , , keys are recorded to the log file. The structure and the format of the log file are described below. Interception of the standard keyboard is enabled by default.
  • Keypad
    Keypad is a numeric section on the right of the keyboard. It can be useful for entering some numeric datas (if NumLock is on) or for cursor position control (if NumLock is off). In first case it is strongly recommended interception of keypad to be enabled. This option is enabled by default.
  • Functional Keys
    Functional keys include F1-F12 keys. In different applications they can perform different functions, but some of them are standardized for all Windows-applications. Monitoring of functional keys is useful to find out what special functions were used. This option is enabled by default.
  • Cursor Control Keys
    Cursor control keys include <Left>, <Up>, <Right>, <Home>, <End>, <Page Up>, <Page Down>. Interception of these keys often makes the log file grow very quickly. Usually, cursor control keys do not carry much useful information and this option is disabled by default.
  • Keys Combinations
    Interception of keys combinations (hotkeys) allows to retrieve the detailed sequence of user's actions. For example, if you see in the log file , you can make a conclusion that the user saved the document he was working at. Interception of keys combinations is enabled by default.
  • Mouse Clicks
    Interception of the following mouse events is supported: left button down, left button double click, middle button down, middle button double click, right button down, right button double click. In log file these events are abbreviated for brevity. See Log File Structure for details. In addition, if you click on buttons, the text under the mouse pointer will be captured too. Moreover, this feature supports some other controls besides buttons. So you can track all user's actions to the smallest details. Interception of mouse clicks is enabled by default.


  • Track Windows Captions
    When you run some application, its main window appears on the screen. The caption of this window, as a rule, contains application name and other useful information which can be tracked by SKIn2000 keylogger if this option is enabled. Each time the window is activated SKIn2000 keylogger captures its caption.
  • Add Date And Time
    If this option is enabled, the current date and time are added to the window capture. This gives you the means to find out about the time the window was activated. If your computer operates around the clock several days in succession, the date of windows activation will also be of use.
  • Get Static Text
    The Microsoft Windows operating system provides dialog boxes and controls to support communication between an application and the user. A static control is a control that enables an application to provide the user with certain types of text and graphics that typically require no response. Tracking of a static text will cause almost all the text displayed in a dialog to be written to the log file.
  • Save Edit Controls
    An edit control is a rectangular control window typically used in a dialog box to permit the user to enter and edit the text from the keyboard. If Save Edit Controls option is enabled, all the text from edit lines will be saved to the log file. It can be useful for capturing of passwords, login names and other information. Edit controls can consist of a single line or multiple lines. You must specify the maximum number of lines of multiline edit controls to be captured.
  • Selecting Log File
    To select the log file you can use the button Browse or to type the log file name manually. If the name is entered without the path, the log file will be created in the same directory where SKIn2000 keylogger Configuration Utility is located. NOTE: The log file must be located in the directory to which all users have at least read-write access.
  • Log File Wrapping Log file wrapping has two options: do not overwrite log and overwrite log larger than ... kilobytes. If you choose "do not overwrite log", the log file will be growing until you clear it manually with the button Clear. It is recommended that the log file size does not exceed 1 Mb. If you select the second option, the log file will be automatically overwritten when the specified size is reached
  • Using Log File Encryption You can enable encryption of the log file in the tab Log file. This will protect the log file from being read and examined by everyone. Only the person who knows the password will be able to decrypt and view the log file.
    If you set the password for the first time, you must enter your password in the field 'New' and confirm it in the field 'Confirm'. If the both passwords are identical, you will see the message 'Your password has been set successfully'. Then the fields 'New' and 'Confirm' will become grayed and the field 'Old' will be enabled, and you can change the password. If you want to change the existing password, you must enter the old one in the field 'Old' first. After that you can enter a new password and its confirmation. Just press the Tab key and the password will be set. To decrypt the log file, first, you must enter the correct password which has been set for the log file encryption. Second, enter the name of the output decrypted file. If the file name is entered without the path, it will be created in the same directory where SKIn2000 keylogger Configuration Utility is located. You can use the button Browse to select the full path. Third, press the button Decrypt Log. If all previous parameters are correct, the log file is decrypted and its contents is shown in the Notepad. After you examined the decrypted file, you can delete it manually or replace it to a safe folder to which only you have access. If the log file contains a partially open text and the encrypted text, after decryption it will reverse (encrypted text will be decrypted and open text - encrypted). The changes will take effect when you exit SKIn2000 keylogger Configuration Utility by pressing the button OK.
  • SKIn2000 keylogger may be scheduled. You can set begin and end time of work session for each weekday. If you set up the timetable you can save it as a scheduler template. There may be several different templates and you will load then in case of need. Pressing the button Default will load the default template - round-the-clock monitoring timetable. You can disable monitoring at any time by unchecking the option Enable monitoring. But this option will not take effect for desktop events unless you disable all basic and advanced options in the tab 'Capture'.
  • The timetable consists of four columns: begin time hour; begin time minutes; end time hour; end time minutes. There are several rules you should follow: begin time hour and end time hour must lie in range 00-24; begin time minutes and end time minutes must lie in range 00-59.
  • Your customized timetable may be saved to a scheduler template (*.sch) by pressing the button Save. After that any time you need this timetable you press the button Load and choose the appropriate template. If you press the button Default, the default scheduler template will be loaded (every day from 00:00 to 24:00).
  • You can protect SKIn2000 keylogger Configuration Utility with the password. In this case, when loading SKIn2000 keylogger Configuration Utility, you will be asked for the password. It will give you the monopoly right of the control over SKIn2000 keylogger settings. Remember, that the password will be captured by SKIn2000 keylogger and saved in the log file. So, you should enable the encryption option in the tab 'Log file' beforehand. The most difficult-to-break passwords consist of random series of characters and digits and have the maximum length (14 symbols). A password is a very sensitive case. When you set the password for the first time, you must enter the password twice in the fields 'New' and 'Confirm'. If you want to change the existing password, you must enter the old password first. Then you can enter a new password with its confirmation. Just press the Tab key and the password will be set.


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