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Main Function: Key Logger
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Homepage: Keylogger-Software.com
OS: All Windows



KeyCaptor is your solution for recording ALL keystrokes of ALL users on your computer! Now you have the power to record emails, websites, documents, chats, instant messages, usernames, passwords, and MUCH MORE! With our advanced stealth technology, KeyCaptor will not show in your processes list and cannot be stopped from running unless you say so! View KeyCaptor's complete feature list below along with screenshots of the software in action!


  • Keystroke Recording Record ALL keystrokes made on the computer unknowingly to users!
  • Record ALL or Certain Users Record ALL users of the computer or just those you specify in KeyCaptor!
  • Load Automatically Set KeyCaptor to start automatically on computer startup
  • Pause Logging Pause logging during periods of inactivity when the user is not active!
  • Save Logs Save logs to disk, CD, etc. for archiving and future reference!
  • No Loss of Performance Does not slow down the computer at all!
  • Hidden Upon Installation Users will have no idea KeyCaptor is on the computer!
  • Cannot End task Cannot end task through control-alt-delete as it is now shown in the process window!
  • Hotkey Open Open the viewer via a hotkey (ie. control-shift-alt-k) that you specify
  • Password Protected Password protected even though nobody will know your hotkey to open the viewer!
  • Remove Control Panel Remove KeyCaptor from the Windows control panel add/remove programs list
  • Email Logs Secretly send logs to an email address you specify for remote viewing on another computer at intervals you specify
  • HTML or Text Format Send logs in either HTML or text format for your convenience
  • Clear Logs After Email Clear logs after they are sent via email automatically
  • Splash Screen Optional splash screen lets users know you are monitoring them
  • Autoclear Logs Clear logs when certain size is reached or at an interval you specify


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