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Main Function: Parental Spy
Price: $39.95
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OS: All Windows


Net Nanny is parental control software that provides Internet monitoring, web site filtering, time limits, chat recording, newsgroup blocking, and privacy control in the most comprehensive and customizable software product available today. Our award-winning Internet filtering software gives customers control over what comes into and goes out of their homes through their broadband modem or dial-up connection, while respecting their personal values and beliefs. Net Nanny 5 is easy to install and configure and works with virtually any Windows computer.


User Setup Parents need flexibility and ease of use. Internet technologies change quickly and can be difficult to master; your Parental Control software shouldn't be. With Net Nanny software, parents can choose from a default "Anybody" configuration, with age-appropriate settings suitable to families with teenagers and adults, or set up profiles for each of up to 12 family members with separate passwords, restrictions, and monitoring levels.

Web Filtering Web filtering means two things: blocking objectionable material and allowing everything else. For parents, this means being able to reliably manage what web sites their children see. Kids need to be able to access much of the web for its informational, educational, and entertainment content. Unfortunately, a lot of what's out there is obscene, promotes hate and violence, or solicitious.

Time Management Children are often exposed to objectionable materials (and other people who traffic them) because their activities cannot be easily supervised. Time limits give parents the tools they need to restrict the times of day their kids use the Internet and the amount of time they spend online.

Logging and Monitoring Net Nanny can block and control Internet access for a variety of applications: web browsing, Internet chat, file sharing, and e-mail. But, for many parents, it is just as important to know what their kids are doing. In some families, monitoring and strict household rules may compliment or supercede the blocking features in Net Nanny. For parents who are new to the Internet, monitoring activity is the first step towards deciding if children have safe Internet habits to begin with.

Internet Application Blocking Many parents think of the "Internet" as a single application or a service provided by their phone or cable company. In fact, the Internet is accessible by dozens of individual applications, such as a web browser, e-mail client, online chat program, etc. all of which may expose children to inappropriate content or dangerous people.

Privacy Protection Your private information is valuable to those who would use it to exploit your family Net Nanny protects your private information by filtering it out of the data that leaves your computer in e-mail, chat rooms, and on the web.


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