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PAL KeyLog

Main Function: Key Logger
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OS: All Windows


PAL Key Log Pro is an keystroke logging application. It is a very simple program that is downloaded and then installed onto your PC. After installation the program is hidden to other users of the PC. You view results by email or hidden hot keys that you specify. PAL Key Log Pro has a variety of uses, including monitoring of children, spouse, employees and to back up work.


  • Records every keystroke and passwords typed on any window and program. Including: Hotmail, MSN email and Messager. AOL email, Instant messager and chat Yahoo email, Instant messager and chat. This spy software can monitor Internet conversations, web sites visited, and other useful information. This includes AOL 1.0-9.0, Yahoo, MSN, web sites visited on any browser and all windows displayed

  • Runs completely undetected & Does not slow down your computer

  • Encrypts recorded files. Once installed, the spy software tool can be setup to start up when your computer is turned on and runs completely hidden from the users it's monitoring. Only you will be able to access the recorded information using a personal password

  • Very easy to setup and use. PAL Key Log Pro is amazingly simple and user-friendly.

  • Filters access against harmful web content

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