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Parental Control Suite

Main Function: Parental Spy
Price: $74.95
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OS: All Windows


Parental Control Suite contains a set of our most popular, award winning computer monitoring and restriction utilities and applications. Parental Control Suite includes SpyBuddy, the number one solution for total PC monitoring, WebMail Spy, the only solution available today that gives you access to monitoring web-based e-mail (such as HotMail and Yahoo!Mail) as well as all AOL e-mail, and ChatBlocker, the application of choice by many administrators and parents alike that gives you the ability to monitor, restrict, and moderate all chat sessions on your PC. This amazing set of software can be purchased for over $30 cheaper than it would cost to purchase the products separately!


Utilities Included inside Parental Control Suite
  • SpyBuddy - PC Monitoring and Spy Software
    SpyBuddy is the award-winning, critically acclaimed spy software and computer monitoring product that is your solution for monitoring PC's and workstations! SpyBuddy records all keystrokes, websites, AOL/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo/AIM chat conversations, applications, clipboard content, printed documents, and much more! SpyBuddy is perfect for monitoring your spouses, children, or employee's.
    SpyBuddy Retail Price: $49.99
  • WebMail Spy E-mail Recording Software
    WebMail Spy is the powerful, award winning e-mail monitoring solution that is one of a kind! WebMail Spy is, and continues to be the only product available on the market today that gives you the unparalleled capability of logging all web-based e-mail (such as Yahoo!Mail, HotMail, etc) as well as all America Online 40-8.0 e-mail. WebMail Spy is perfect for catching spouses in the act of cheating or children e-mailing others they shouldn't be!
    WebMail Spy Retail Price: $39.99
  • ChatBlocker Chat Restriction Software
    ChatBlocker is the award winning parental control application that gives parents and system administrators the ability to block, monitor, and moderate all chat activity on a PC. This includes banning and recording of chat sessions on AOL/MSN/ICQ/Yahoo/AIM, and many more! ChatBlocker is perfect for the concerned parent with children spending too much time on their PC, or the employer who finds his employee's are spending too much time chatting - and not doing their work!
    ChatBlocker Retail Price: $29.95


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