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PC Private Eye

Main Function: Web Cam Spy
Price: $29.95
Download: N/A
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OS: All Windows


PC Private Eye is a software product that puts your PC to work when you aren't around. It takes control of desktop video conferencing cameras to detect motion and capture images or video clips at home or in the office, while you are away. PC Private Eye is easy to use. The graphical user interface is based on "standard" conventions. Use it to provide notification to you of activities within camera range. For example, a camera aimed out the window to view your homes front entrance will send you notification that "Someone is at your front door". PC Private Eye can notify you by e-mail (with or without picture attachments), or text pager. PC Private Eye also has a built in Web interface that allows remote viewing of recent snapshots, as well as the ability to grab a new snapshot. The Web interface also allows remote control the PC Private Eye software for changing such things as motion detection sensitivity. 


PC Private Eye also supports Multiple Camera capabilities to allow several "view angles" from one PC. Each camera runs with its own configuration parameters via PC Private Eye configuration profiles. PC Private Eye comes with standard "built in" web cam functionality. New in version 3.0: Full Motion, Video Capture, FTP uploading of full motion video files, Stealth mode, Ability to disable motion detection, Ability to configure any program to be run upon motion detection, Ability to manually record full motion video, Ability to play and e-mail video files, Performance enhancements.
  • Multiple camera support*.
  • Pc Based Video Surveillance Software
  • Full Motion Video Capture upon motion detection.
  • FTP uploading of full motion video files.
  • Windows NT/2000/XP Service mode.
  • Stealth mode.
  • Ability to disable motion detection.
  • Ability to manually record full motion video.
  • Ability to configure any program to be run upon motion detection.
  • Remote Control, and snapshot viewing via web browser.
  • Scheduled Motion Detection.
  • Scheduled Time Exposures.
  • Website update capabilities (Webcam) based on Time Exposure or Motion Detection.
  • Time Stamps on captured images.
  • Slide Show captured snapshots.
  • Slide Show Time Exposure snapshots.
  • Integrated e-mail.
  • E-mail with or without snapshot attachments.
  • RAS integration for dialing your ISP.
  • LAN (high speed internet) Support.
  • Text paging.
  • Activation Profiles.
  • Ability to configure and store unlimited profiles.
  • Integrated Web Server.
  • Disk space utilization limits.
  • Simple Wizard based configuration.
  • Easy to use and understand (No programming lingo).
  • Standard Windows look and feel.
  • Profile Cleanup.


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