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eTurst PestPatrol

Main Function: AntiSpy Program
Price: $29.95
Download: N/A
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OS: All Windows



PestPatrol is a powerful security and personal privacy tool that detects and eliminates destructive pests like trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools. It complements your anti-virus and firewall software, extending your protection against non-viral malicious software that can evade your existing security and invade your personal privacy. These pests often lurk silently on your computer until something – or someone – sets them off. When that happens, you could lose passwords, personal data, credit card numbers, and - if you telecommute and connect to your office via a VPN - open up a back door for the hacker into your entire company network.


Spyware and adware that "phones home" information about you, your computer, and your surfing habits

Remote access trojans (RATs) that allow an attacker to remotely control your computer

Keystroke loggers that can steal passwords and other confidential data

Denial-of-service (DoS) attack agents that can crash or hang a program, or your entire system

Probe tools that look for vulnerabilities on your system that a hacker can exploit

PestPatrol’s is easy-to-use - Simple interface, automatic updates and extensive on-line research center make it simple to keep your computer clear of unwanted pests. A 2002 PC Magazine Five Star Utility, PestPatrol allows you to surf with confidence, knowing that your personal information stays private and your computer stays secure.

  • Scans all or selected file types, including inside archives
  • Scans memory for active pests and kills the process
  • Zaps spyware cookies before they can phone home about you
  • Stops known and unknown keyloggers from hooking your keyboard
  • Quarantines or deletes any identified pest
  • Checks and removes pests from registry and start-up areas
  • Downloads and installs updates automatically on availability
  • Tells you the specific threat level of any pest found
  • Saves all pest-related events in an easy-to-read log file


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