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What does YOUR child do online? Is Your Child Being Naughty Online?
Are you worried that your child might be doing naughty things on the Internet? Curious children often perform searches for sexually-explicit content. They think you will never know. But they are wrong.
What does YOUR spouse do online? Is Your Spouse Having a Cyber Affair?
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Just what are they doing on the PC for so long when you aren't around? They clean their tracks to hide it. But they can't hide anymore.
What does YOUR employee do online? Is Your Employee Working or Playing?
Have you noticed a drop in productivity? Your employee(s) may be goofing off when you aren't around. Do they play games or chat when they are supposed to be working? Now you can know the TRUTH.

Key Logging Spy Software
Key Logging software or "keyloggers" capture key strokes and secretly record them, so you can view all online activity including conversations, web searches and more.
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Web and Computer Spy Ware Software
Web spy software monitors all Internet and computer activity. These programs are designed as user-friendly application to help users keep an eye on their computer's usage at all times
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IM Spy Software
This type of surveillance software records all chat activity done through instant messenger programs such as Yahoo IM, AOL IM and MSN Messenger.
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Video Web Cam Surveillance Software 
This type of surveillance software allows you to turn your web camera(s) and your pc into a powerful surveillance and monitoring application.
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Audio Surveillance Software 
Turn your microphone or soundcard into a digital surveillance studio. You need a soundcard and at least one applicable input device in order for the recording to work.
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Network Surveillance Software 
These programs also known as workstation monitoring application are designed to keep an eye on all activity that takes place across a LAN or subnet.
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Email Monitoring Software 
Monitor all activity on of an email from a computer. Depending on the program, you can observe activity on a POP3 account (such as Outlook Express) or a web-based account (such as Hotmail).
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Parental Control and Spy Software 
Parents and teachers can now protect their children from illegal activity, online predators,  and dangerous content using parental control spy software.
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Remote Install Spy Ware 
Remote spying software allows one to send a trojan-style file to a target computer anywhere online, through email, IM or other means to spy on it.
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Counter Surveillance Software 
Counter Spying programs are applications designed to detect and defeat spy software, keyloggers, spyware and other applications used for the purpose of spying.

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