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Spy Buster

Main Function: AntiSpy Program
Price: $54.95
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OS: All Windows



Spy Buster version 2, is the revolutionary new spyware removal and prevention program that deletes spyware that can track where you surf, who you talk to, what information you type into search engines, and take over your computer with web browser hijackers and annoying pop ups. Your personal identity and computer data are at risk. Only SpyBuster 2’s real-time monitoring agent can stop spyware as it attempts to install on your system, before your personal information is at risk!


SpyBuster 2.0 Professional provides real-time 24/7 scanning of your computer stopping spyware before it can launch on your system! With SpyBuster 2.0 Professional, not only can you remove spyware and adware from your computer, but stop it from ever getting on your system!

SpyBuster 2.0 Home and Professional detects and removes over 4,500 spyware and adware components.

Two integrated scan routines for ultimate spy detection.

SpyBuster scans all running programs and shuts off detected spyware.

Extremely easy to use push button interface. Picture guided html help file. Professional technical support.

Weekly updates to keep the spyware database up-to-date.

Mini Web browser showing the recent spyware discoveries and changes to the software.

Kazaa™ repair feature. Removes the spyware associated with the popular file sharing program, but keeps Kazaa operational.

PopUp Blocking. SpyBuster includes a unique feature that prevents access to popular popup web servers, thus preventing a massive amount of advertising pop-ups.

SpyBuster may also include PopBuster!, our powerful and intelligent pop-up stopper that even guards against the "Windows Messenger" alerts.

SpyBuster Home Edition includes all of the features that our professional version has except our real-time monitoring agent. Don't worry, our stand alone scanner offers the same quality in spyware removal. If you do not wish to purchase our monitoring agent now, you can always do it at a later time. We strive to make every customer satisfied and will do whatever it takes to earn your business.


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