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SpyCop Corporate

Main Function: AntiSpy Program
Price: $69.95
Download: N/A
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OS: All Windows
Homepage: SpyCop.org




Are your Employees or Competitors Spying On You? With hundreds of thousands of copies of commercially available spy software in use worldwide, there's a good chance your computer may be bugged right now, or if it isn't, it could be at any time! Virus scanners don't detect it & Firewalls don't stop it! Many think someone needs access to your computer to install commercial spy software. This just isn't true. Now there are hybrid versions that can be sent to you as a friendly greeting card in your email ! Why aren't more people upset about spyware? The people spying on computers are not going to tell anyone, and if someone finds this stuff on their computer, they usually are to embarrassed to tell anyone. This goes for companies too. There are over easy to use and undetectable computer activity recording software products available to anyone with no questions asked. Some of these spy products are freeware and can be quickly downloaded and installed on any computer, anywhere, at anytime, even by users without credit cards !


Spy Software Scan - SpyCop Corporate software will search your Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP computer and alert you if your system has any of the commercial surveillance spy programs installed ! We have built and continue to build a database of every known commercially available computer monitoring software program. We are always finding new monitoring spy products to add to SpyCop's database. No other scanning package can detect anywhere near the number of computer monitoring programs that SpyCop can!! Scan for over 400 known keyloggers. The largest database of its kind!

Network Ready SpyCop Corporate was made for easy use on your corporate network. Once installed and configured, SpyCop runs on auto pilot. Using your network administration suite, you can easily push SpyCop to each client machine automatically.

Auto Scan SpyCop Corporate scans automatically, with the simple Windows task scheduler.

And much more!

  • Find computer monitoring programs used to spy on spouses and employees
  • Allows you to rename any suspect files
  • Minimize the software while scanning so you can do other things!
  • You can right click on files in explorer and scan them for spyware!
  • Single file scan function built in complete with browse capability
  • Save the results to a text file for future reference
  • Print the results directly from the software
  • Just the appearance of SpyCop Icon on your computer deters spyware installation
  • Find out when a spy program was installed.
  • 24/7 email customer service
  • Easily check to see if a spy program is detectable with database search
  • "LiveUpdate" feature to instantly update your database without re-downloading!
  • Unrecognizable to most spy programs so the spy won't catch you using it.
  • A screensaver which will scan your system when you are away.
  • Updates are currently free as they become available!


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