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Stealth Recorder Pro

Main Function: Audio Surveillance
Price: $29.95
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OS: All Windows


The Stealth Recorder Pro is a new type of computer software that enables you to record a variety of sounds and transfer them automatically through internet without being notified by original location or source. This program supports various sound formats including MP3, WMA, and Wave. Since it can transfer what is recorded to an Internet email or FTP site in the background automatically and stealthily, you can easily send or receive the contents of a conference or a transcript of lectures promptly. Say, you have two computers in separate locations such as one at your office and the other at home; you can listen to voices or sounds near one computer at the other remote location privately.


You can also control activities of Stealth Recorder Pro at a remote location through a web browser on the computer or handheld computer. In addition, you can schedule the starting and ending times for any recording you plan to make using the recording scheduler function. It is particularly nice to be able to record high quality sound automatically for a long period of time on a relatively small hard disk space because it supports MP3/WMA real time recording and sound recognition. The Stealth Recorder Pro records whenever there are sounds, noises, or music and pauses as soon as there are no sounds automatically. To help the user recognize sound characteristics and volume, a sound level meter and frequency spectrum is displayed as the sound is being recorded. This function enables the user to record and play sounds or music with a great ease.

Stealth Recorder Pro includes a "real time recording volume booster", which enhances microphone function of your PC up to 100 times. Using this function, you can record extremely small sounds at a remote location. You can also record and send your voice message by e-mail with its powerful Voice Mail features. You can make your own Voice Diary; or listen to what is recorded at a remote location.
  • Real Time MP3 Recording - This feature records a variety of incoming sounds via microphone, CD, line-in, and stereo mixer as MP3, WMA, or WAV formatted files.
  • Transferring via email or FTP - This feature transfers recorded files to a user-defined email address or FTP automatically.
  • Controlling from a remote location - This feature controls Stealth Recorder Pro at a remote location using an Internet connection on a computer or handheld computer. You can upload/download audio files  through a web browser only.
  • Recording Scheduler - This feature sets the beginning times and duration for recording activities.
  • Microphone Booster - This feature enhances the function of microphone installed in your computer up to 100 times.
  • Sound Sensing - This feature senses sounds automatically and either records them or has a particular application run when sounds reach a pre-defined level.
  • Voice Mail - This feature records and sends your voice messages.


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