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Main Function: AntiSpy Program
Price: $39.99
Download: Click Here!
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OS: All Windows



You have a basic right to privacy and security. Right now there are hundreds of online pitfalls that can take that away. XCleaner is the smallest, most sophisticated privacy and anti-spy application on the Internet. You will find nothing more powerful at our low price! Clean your tracks, shred pictures and detect spyware, malware, keyloggers and remove annoying and intrusive adware! Cleaning your tracks without detecting spies is futile! X-Cleaner does both!


XCleaner comes with a number of web privacy features.
  • Delete index.dat files
  • Delete web history, temp files and doc history
  • Remove traces of documents opened, pictures viewed...
  • Detect and remove spy software that logs your activity
  • Find and remove adult content on your computer
  • Permanently erase files using the industrial shredder
  • Stop password theft know if users are snooping your keystrokes!
  • Break spyware Passcodes find out WHO is spying on you
  • Stealthy! So small you can take it with anywhere
  • No installation required - no one will know you are using it!

What do I get with the Pro Version? FULL, lifetime registered version of X-Cleaner. One- year Access to our members only area, and Unlimited free updates to the spyware database for an entire year! You can scan through a giant database of known adware and spyware, scan for pictures and shred them at a touch of a button. Drag and drop multiple files in our ultra-powered file shredder!!

The members section contains many powerful bonus programs, which allow you to: Encrypt files, email or entire hard-disks, Hide sensitive files inside pictures, Monitor what programs are doing on your PC, Cleanup your registry, Bypass "Parental control" programs, Xblock Network Lookup Query Tool, Opt-out Profiling Pages, E-mail Obfuscator to stop spamming before it happens!, Active-X Spy Scanning from anywhere, Stop websites from tracking your IP, Test the tools that "law-enforcement officials" use, Read "inside" reports from governmental agencies, and lots more as we continually add to the member's section!


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